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Hello James,

Thank you for you interest in helping.

However, I’m not working on the master branch so I cannot accept that pull request to modify it. If you are modifying this code from the master branch then I’m sorry but you are wasting your time because it’s ancient.

In fact I’m not even working on the dev branch at the moment, which your code seems to include parts of, due to the previously mentioned WordPress plugin which I am working on. But I would accept pull requests for the dev branch if necessary, such as for security patches, since that is still what people will download from the development snapshot download link on this site.

I don’t yet have code available for the WordPress plugin as I am not very far along yet since I only recently started on it and have several other projects on the go.

If you aren’t familiar with git or GitHub then GitHub has a lot of help for people to use. Here is some info on selecting the proper branch and whatnot:

In this case you would have to have made your changes on the dev branch in the first place, rather then master like you have, and then it should be a matter of creating a pull request and making sure the dev branch is selected.

Alternatively you could just attach the files you modified to a post in these forums and if they are useful I could try to merge them in.

This Duo thing looks like two-factor auth which I personally have no interest in since I have no cell phone. However, if you want Duo in the future WordPress version it looks like there are already plugins for it. For example this one:


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