cPanel Install

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Tutorial: How install the script on a MidPhase hosting account. This tutorial describes how to install the script under a MidPhase hosting account. MidPhase uses CPanel, so this tutorial might be useful for others who have CPanel. Step 1  Log into CPanel. You will see the following screen:   Note: The above screen is customized for MidPhase, it will look different on other hosting accounts, but the features / options will be basically the same.   Step 2 Setup the database. Click on ‘MySQL Databases’ You will see this screen:     The important things in the screen above are labelled in red. #1 – Enter the name of the database. This will create a new database. For example the name can be: million #2 – Enter the user for the database. This will create a new database user. For example – username: million password: dollar #3 – Add the user to the database created in step #2. Please take note of your database name, Server name, Username and password for step 5 !   Note: Your MidPhase username will be joined to the front of the MySQL username and database name. So for example, if your MidPhase username is … Read More