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    Hi Ryan,
    Is it possible that I get all the issues because I have later PHP/SQL… versions than v2.0.15 needs to work with and I am trying to install V2.0.15?
    I just recognised that I answer all expectations of ‘V2.1 and newer’.

    I think that’s the reason for all the problems I have installing the script.

    However, I can only download V2.0.15 from and can’t find a download for Version 2.1(+). Is there a download section or sth like that where I could get V2.1?

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    That is the reason for the SQL errors. You probably have MySQL 5.5 or higher which the old version won’t work with. Some of the syntax changed for some of the queries which I’ve fixed in the development snapshot.

    The PHP errors were due to the error reporting level though.



    Is V2.1 included with those SQL errors?
    Can I download the Version 2.1 somewhere?

    So shall I just delete all the files on my server and upload all the files from the development snapshot and install everything again? Is that what the DevSnap is for?



    Hi there,

    Yep, the 2.1 dev snapshot consists of all the changes since I took over development of the original script which is what the 2.0.15 version is. It’s exactly what I currently have on my hard drive that I sync with github which the Development Snapshot link (same as the link above on the top-right of the site) downloads a snapshot from.

    I’m also working on converting everything to a WordPress plugin but it’s not ready yet.

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    Thanks Ryan, I’ll try it again with the snapshot.
    I admire your work.

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