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    When I click on “Ad Form” on my admin panel or when I try to create a new ad, I have this error :

    “You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near ‘AS ID, t2.field_comment AS FCOMMENT FROM form_fields AS t1, form_field_translati’ at line 1”

    How can I fix this problem please ?

    Thanks in advance



    Hi there,

    Have you tried the development snapshot? I think it fixes that issue.





    Does the development snapshot is ready to use ? I mean I’m creating a big project and the website must be without any bug from registering until payment.

    Thank you in advance



    There are far fewer bugs in the development snapshot than version 2.0.15 because the development snapshot contains all the fixes I’ve done to the script since I took over development of it.

    If there are any bugs I will gladly fix them if you report them to me. I’m also working on a WordPress plugin for MDS version 3.0.




    I did it, my website is online but there is a problem when we try to buy pixel, grid doesnt show on users/order_pixels.php

    and when can’t see the downloaded image, why ?

    Thank you in advance



    Sorry, not sure I understand what your issue is. Are you able to post a screenshot or explain differently?



    Hello Ryan,

    Look on attachments, we can’t upload an image and the grid doesnt appear on users/order_pixels.php


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    Do you get any errors in your web server error logs? If not, try setting error reporting to E_ALL and see if that shows you any errors.

    Make sure to edit the config to your liking and process pixels. Maybe you just have to increase the PHP memory in the config as well.



    I have the same problem like what by melik82, I had try to install the new VISON(dev),can not complete it.

    Million Dollar Script – Database Installation

    Please fill in the form and click install.
    Please make sure that the MySQL user has all the permissions to use the database (Admin privileges).
    – config.php is writeable. (OK)
    – pixels/ directory is writeable. (OK)
    – admin/temp directory is writeable. (OK)
    – lang/english.php file is writeable. (OK)
    – upload_files/docs/ directory is writeable. (OK)
    – upload_files/images/ directory is writeable. (OK)
    – library/HTMLPurifier/DefinitionCache/Serializer is writeable. (OK)

    Paths and Locations

    Site’s HTTP URL (address)
    Recommended: http://
    Server Path to Admin
    Recommended: /customers/6/9/f/
    Path to upload directory
    Recommended: /customers/6/9/f/
    HTTP URL to upload directory
    – Server Path to Admin is the full path to your admin directory, including a slash at the end
    – The Site’s HTTP URL must include a slash at the end
    – Use the recommended settings unless you are sure otherwise
    Also, don’t forget to set the permissions of the admin/temp/ directory to 777.
    The script must be able to write to temp/ dir in the admin
    The script also needs to be able to write to the pixels/ directory (chmod 777)
    -Sometimes your web server configuration may desire different permissions than what is listed here in order for files to execute properly. i.e. if you are running suExec, etc.
    You should check with your host if you are unsure.

    Mysql Settings
    Mysql Database Username
    Mysql Database Password
    Mysql Database Name
    Mysql Server Hostname

    pls help me!

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