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    dave jefferson

    Hiya All

    I will try and explain this to the best of my nature.

    I have installed as far as I can tell correctly and have pretty much finished tweaking what I want to do with the script.

    I have tested everything but the only niggle I have is this –

    I have added a add to my master website and it displays fine and I have checked the link in admin and when hovering over it. BUT when clicking the link it refers to http// instead of its not putting the double dots in :


    As I say I have checked the link in admin and by hovering and its right so why when i click does it not redirect to the correct url



    I have a similar problem to this on the ad list, when a link is posted it would appear as or similar to that, I tried altering some code but had no luck in solving that problem, the only way I found that links on the ad list format properly is when you just type “” and leave out the “http://”

    Until I find a fix for that I will just edit the addresses manually in the admin panel if anyone should enter http:// before their address.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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