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Hi all, have basically got test code working for this – what a pleasure after gpix!!!!

I’ve written an extremely simple script called autoprocess which is something of a hack but is doing exactly what I want to the wall image – replacing bought pixels with pixels at the same location in another image, so the second image gradually becomes visible as the pixels are sold. I am basically taking the order, finding the blocks and whacking the image data with the image data from the same location block by block (see attached).

Next steps:
1. add another payment method (I will clone cheque/money order or hack it as all it needs to do is take the user offsite to a charity engine where they can make their payment)
2. send the user and order to the charity engine (givengain) which has an API – I think it allows me to supply tx data and will return an email which includes a donation ID
3. parse the donation email in a web service – that will probably come in at the top of autoprocess or in a wrapper. That will enable me to use the API to retrieve the user, order and paid amount.
4. If paid amount >= order amount, run autoprocess for that order. I’m not providing outbound links (maybe to the charity).
5. Remove Manage Pixels from the menu.

Looks like this is going to be extremely easy so I’m a very happy camper!! :laugh: