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Excellent, I am glad you got it to work 🙂

Yes, I have modified the main file a little bit so it’s easier to customize. Sorry, I probably should have explained that better. I also updated the default look a bit. There is an index.php file instead of example.html by default and it contains some PHP code. You would have to modify this file rather than copy your old example.html file as the contents have changed some and I don’t think it would work if you just copied your old file over top. Even the CSS is probably updated so you would have to merge your changes. However, it shouldn’t really be that much work since there are minimal elements on the page in the first place. If you take a look at the index.php file you will see it includes the config.php and then echos some variables such as the logo url, site slogan, and you can put whatever other variables appear within config.php such as SITE_NAME or SITE_CONTACT_EMAIL for example. You might want to be careful about the email though due to spam bots. Those are probably all you would want to use from there.

I can see in the image you linked that it looks like it’s working. I can’t really inspect the elements on the page to see where they are but if you have a link to your site I can try to help if you explain what you are trying to do exactly.

Eventually I want to convert everything into a nice, neat framework so it will be much better to work with but this is a time consuming process. And each new version probably won’t be 100% compatible with the last. But I will attempt to provide any upgrade instructions when I can, and help people who want to upgrade if they ask. I was hoping to have it done by now but this project has no funding and makes very little money and nobody donates and so it doesn’t seem to be a priority so I just to do it on my absolute spare time. I have plenty of other projects on the go as well.

I have considered using Joomla as a framework but then it went to Joomla 1.6 which wasn’t very good. 1.7 has many bugs left in it. I have looked at some other frameworks and eventually just figured I would keep attempting to update this original code I was given but, no offense to the original author but I am sure they would admit, it is a bit messy and hard to update. So I have to completely rewrite a lot of things or start fresh and use a framework.