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Hi Ryan, thanks for taking the time to check on this, i will try to add as much info as possible to colaborate with you. I would like to point again that the problem happens with both options “text editor” and “html editor” so unless the editor is the same the problem may be somewhere else.

I just made 2 tests to elaborate a bit more about the issue:

[b][u]Case 1:[/u][/b]

Field set as: HTML EDITOR
Text Writen: 1 line “test text to check the html editor behavior”

Behavior: In the screenshot you can see the “alt=” and the “/> that shouldnt appear, they are appearing in the publisher interface. And something else i want to point is that i underlined some words and its not appearing undelined. But, [b]in the index.html page i can see the onmouseover window[/b], not the underline but the text pretty much as i wrote it.

[b][u]Case 2:[/u][/b]

Field set as: HTML EDITOR
Text Writen: 3 lines

Behavior: the same “alt=” code things, same underline not working issue, but in this case [b]in the index.html the onmouseover window doesnt work[/b].

So, for some reason the onmouseover window is not appearing when you write more than 1 line of text and the field is set to “text editor” or “html editor”.

I hope it can helps you to at least narrow a bit what to check.