Charset encoding (DB vs Script)

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Bruno Marinho

Hi Ryan 🙂

Thank you for your quick response. This issue is really delaying my site launch.

Maybe it’s not a only a mail lib problem but a general encoding problem. If a user is created with the name “Anunciação” i should see “Anunciação” on the DB. The same for table mail_queue. On the message body i should see special chars too and i’m getting the same char mix user receives on his mail account.

Another example. My actual currency symbol is €. On the DB i see messed up chars on the symbol field, the same i get on the ad published email. But if i update directly on the DB to the correct symbol (€) i get the correct symbol on the email sent.

Maybe utf-8 html headers missing on form inputs?

I’m doing some tests to see if i can figure it out.

Thank you again.