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1) Will your MillionDollarScript plug-in support different size grids?

Yes you will hopefully be able to create grids of any size. I am going to experiment with using AJAX to load blocks but also will likely have to section grids into smaller chunks so that they can load with fewer requests but also be able to process the images with limited amounts of RAM. So if you want a grid that’s a billion pixels you could have it but it would be divided into multiple images that load separately through AJAX as you scroll them into view. Maybe I will add options to control how big those chunks are and maybe even an option to use AJAX or not.

2) Can you have multiple grids working independently on the same domain?

Yes you will be able to create as many grids as you like. I haven’t perfected the interface for creating new grids yet but it seems like it will work similar to creating a new post and then you create a WooCommerce product and select the grid you wish to associate that product with.

3) Can you block out one or more area on the grid that can’t be purchased?

Yes this will be a feature since it’s a feature in the current script. I want to implement most of the features in the old script into the new one but a few things are outdated like the animations and some of the options will be unnecessary since it’s running in WordPress. Maybe at some point I can add new options for animations and whatnot.

4) I assume the plug-in will use short codes that you can insert on a WordPress page. Is that correct?

Yes, you will be able to use WordPress widgets and/or shortcodes to display them wherever you like. You could also use iframes similar to how it currently does and I don’t believe I have to implement a feature for that specifically since you should be able to just create a page and use an iframe wherever you like but I may add a simple way to do that anyway.

5) Will you be able to use CSS to style the grids and controls?

There will be options for adjusting the style of the grids and whatnot which will use CSS to some extent, you won’t have to create and upload new images for different block features like not-for-sale or sold, etc. However your site styles and layout and whatnot will be controlled through your WordPress theme.

6) I know it is early days but do you have any screenshots of how your plug-in might look?

I don’t have any screenshots yet, sorry. There isn’t much to see yet but I have been working on it fairly often. I will definitely publish some screenshots when there’s something worth seeing.

I’m working on the WordPress plugin for awhile every day again but I must admit that I haven’t gotten as much done on this project in the past month as I had hoped for, as often seems to be the case. I unfortunately got a little sidetracked again for a week or 2 with another important project that had a deadline. Annoyingly I’ve also had to reinstall windows from scratch and reinstall all my software which took up quite a lot of time too. Things are going great now though and I’m planning to spend as much time on this as I can from now on since I know people are patiently waiting.

Since last time I posted on this thread, aside from the things mentioned above, I’ve worked on the Settings screen which I’ve added a number of options to, trying to get all the necessary settings from the old script in and now I just have to finish implementing those new settings and do the rest of the tasks which there are quite a number of still. I tested a couple different methods for implementing the settings screen and am still not 100% sure which one I want to use so some more experimenting is in order there.

I’ve also created a fancy automated build script which uses some software called phing and composer to automate updating dependencies and zipping it up and even uploading to my test site and extracting it there. So things are even more speedy to work with now.

I contemplated using a framework called Themosis but I decided against it since I thought it may make things buggy and might only speed things up a little for the time being since I would have to take time to learn how to use it properly. It does look kind of slick though so maybe some day.

Once I am happy with the code and think it might be ready for some testing I will publish the code on github. You can track progress there as well if you like under the issues and project sections, but I don’t really have every little task listed there, only a small portion but some of the more important things to remember. Feel free to comment and discuss things there too if you have ideas and want to share. I will try to remember to check them off as I complete them. I don’t want to publish the code there yet since I don’t want people to try and use it since it doesn’t work yet and more importantly there may be security issues or it may blow your site up.