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Flying Leon

It’s great to hear you are working on a WordPress plug-in for the MillionDollarScript and you will also be using WooCommerce plug-in for payment. I like your logo for MillionDollarScript 3.0. I look forward to seeing it when it is ready.

We have an idea for a new business where the Million Dollar Script technology might be able to help us. It has a significantly different slant on what has been done in the past.
I have a few questions relating to your planned WordPress plug-in version, which you might be able to answer:

1) Will your MillionDollarScript plug-in support different size grids?
2) Can you have multiple grids working independently on the same domain?
3) Can you block out one or more area on the grid that can’t be purchased?
4) I assume the plug-in will use short codes that you can insert on a WordPress page. Is that correct?
5) Will you be able to use CSS to style the grids and controls?
6) I know it is early days but do you have any screenshots of how your plug-in might look?

Thanks for any information and good luck with this development.