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Thank you so much for your ongoing support!

I was actually working on the WordPress plugin last night very late, or I guess early in the morning actually. I’ve setup a and a slack chat which I have to figure out how to use. I do have an old Trello board that had some thing son it but I wasn’t really using it since it doesn’t really integrate with my other stuff, at least not easily the way I want. But that’s basically what is, a kanban style board that I can automate from my IDE with my git commits.

I have it setup now so it automates the build in my IDE, it zips the plugin right up ready for people to use, it updates the version numbers and dates and everything. The plugin is actually now installable into WordPress, and I’ve added a settings page and started adding various features. It’s not really ready yet to test because most of the necessary features aren’t there yet but one feature I did add was the ability to identify if required plugins aren’t installed and take you through the process of installing them.

One of these plugins is WooCommerce (actually the only plugin so far) which will handle the ecommerce and payment module type stuff. I’m going to use this so I don’t have to do all the coding for that since there are tons of payment modules for WooCommerce already. In fact there are tons of other sorts of plugins for it as well so it should be possible to set it up however people want. Although some of the plugins might be things you have to pay for and maybe I will eventually be able to replace anything like that if people request such features enough.

I’ve done a lot of the integration work with WooCommerce as well so when you add a new product you can select which pixel grid to assign it to and whatnot. I still have to implement a process for adding pixels to the grids and for actually saving and creating the grids and serving the grids, and add various options for configuring them. I have some plans for how to do that and will see how it goes. I will likely have to do some experimenting to find the best methods with the technology available these days.

So it’s getting there =)

Thanks again!